Environmental Technology

The Environmental Technology Department is committed to making practical improvements to a variety of agricultural processes. Via the reduction and utilisation of residual products, emissions and production residues, it also generates new both ecological and economic alternatives.

Raw materials and energy sources are experiencing rising shortages, due to increasing transportation problems and costs, as well as greater environmental damage and more stringent environmental requirements. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to manage materials and material flows, and to optimally use raw materials and energy flows that accumulate in a region. 

The objective of the Environmental Technology Department is to achieve higher productivity and less environmental pollution in the use and utilisation of residues, effluents and production residues from the agricultural sector, according to closed-loop recycling management. Here, applied materials flow management offers the opportunity to link economic profit to regional creation of value and environmental protection. 

Another scope of work is the development of an environmentally friendly application technique that saves as many resources as possible and facilitates pest management in difficult terrain.

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