Simulation Models

Focus: decidedly simulation models in the field of ecotoxicology, but also GIS-simulations/ simulations of climatic parameters, resource protection for the balance between agriculture and biotic environment
In the course of the registration process of plant protection products possible unwanted entries towards groundwater and surface waters are simulated by point models. On the basis of a certain number of scenarios the entries via the different entry pathways (leaching, drainage, runoff, erosion) are thereby predicted. The scenarios are characterised by different soil and climate properties. Especially in the field of the FOCUS standard modelling the department owns extensive experience. By consulting GIS-analyses these point models can be investigated in respect of their representativity for the actually occurring conditions on agricultural areas or new scenarios can be derived. By the additional integration of spatial/temporal aspects in different projects new methods were developed in the past to model the concentration regime of plant protection products after there entry into surface waters dynamically.
Figure text 1: selection of the GERDA scenarios in STEPS 1-2-3-4
Particularly in viticulture the knowledge of the cold air behaviour in terrain is of special importance for the identification of potential hazard zones for this crop and for the initiation of appropriate management activities. With the help of high resolution elevation models the influences on the cold air flow by planned terrain modifications in the course of land consolidation or by the construction of buildings can be simulated in advance. A further field of application in the context simulation models are spatial observations concerning the impacts of climate change. A GIS-coupled pasture yield model was already implemented and different investigations on the landscape development and the future development of climate parameters were conducted.
Also in the field of renewable energies the department has collected enormous experiences in regard to the potential of biogas plants or the finding of sites as suitable as possible for photovoltaic or wind power plants for example.

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