Modelling of Potential and risk

Focus: modelling, landscape ecology, resource protection for the balance between agriculture and biotic environment.
Agriculture represents the foundation for our diet, which is quantifiable by yield potentials. These can be modelled with remote sensing based methods. On the other hand by agricultural use unwanted effects on adjacent landscape types or other compartments like groundwater or surface waters can occur. Further potentials however lie in the energetic usage of this land use type. Certain surface shapes represent a potential for cold air generation and therefore a risk for agriculture. These eclectic aspects of potential and risk provide a basis for numerous questions, which can be analysed GIS-based and already were. Thus answers as a contribution for resource protection, for the balance of agriculture and biotic environment, to the topic landscape ecology and to the fate of xenobiotics in the environment can be provided.
Figure: Overview of the populated groundwater measuring points & toolbox

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