Landscape: Dynamics and Structure

In this section we take a look at the entirety of the landscape as a system with all its compartments, land use and cover types and characteristics.
The subject conceives of the landscape as a living organism and deals with its individual components, their pattern and the processes going on between them. The landscape provides resources and services such as nutrition, land for anthropogenic use, relaxation, habitats, etc. However, access to these services is not equal everywhere and every time. Processes and resource fluxes in the landscape are significantly controlled by its components and structure. Both components and spatial structure of the landscape undergo temporal changes. These can be detected, documented and analysed in GIS-based processes.
  • GIS-based landscape mapping and capture of landscape parameters with regard to the conservation of biodiversity. Keywords: residual areas in agriculture (projects: EhDA, BVL), remote sensing based biotope mapping (project: NATFLO).
  • Analysis of digital terrain and surface models for the mapping of three dimensional landscape structures and the GIS-based exploration of resource and energy turnover in the landscape.
  • Geo-data based description of the temporal dynamics of several target parameters in landscape. Keywords: Change detection, spatio-temporal dynamics, temporal metrics)

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