Remote Sensing and Land Monitoring

This research section deals with the development and implementation of methods making use of remotely sensed imagery (aerial, satellite based) for an automated provision of comprehensive geo-data.
Image data from earth observation satellites (EO-satellites) or aerial flight campaigns deliver a wide variety of spatial information. The physical land cover for example is a widely used input parameter for landscape based analyses of many kinds. Due to their high spectral resolution and temporal frequency satellite imagery deliver information on many more characteristics of the area covered, e.g. phenological state and development of vegetation cover, intensity and spatio-temporal patterns of anthropogenic influence.
  • Geo-data from earth observation satellite or aerial imagery allow a regular standardized and comprehensive monitoring of the earth’s surface in different scientific or professional contexts
  • Zeitreihenanalysen von Satellitenaufnahmen von optischen und Radar-Sensoren
  • Time series analyses of earth observation satellite data (Radar- and optical sensors)

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