Eh da (Already There) Areas

In the light of the declining biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and the definition of the biological diversity as a legally protected good (EU pesticides ordinance 1107/2009) the institute of agroecology (IfA) attends to the identification and the management of efficient risk mitigation methods via analysis and evaluation based on geodata for the preservation of biodiversity. The assessment and the evaluation of “Eh da”-areas based on high-resolution geodata show an example for the analysis of landscape structures which are relevant to the biodiversity and outside of agricultural areas (off-crop). The connective effect (also with in-crop areas) can also be analysed with GIS.
"Eh da"-areas are anyway available in the landscape or in villages. The ecological condition of “Eh da”-areas can be determined with adjuvant mapping in the field and then position specific arrangements which promote biodiversity can be generated. Especially the revaluation of the areas for pollinators and the interconnection of nesting and foot sites are important.
Beside of computer based acquisition the Ifa knows through perennial tests in semi-outdoor trials how to manage and enhance (nesting material like deadwood, seed mixtures) “eh da”-areas. With the help of the thereout developed “Praxisleitfaden” the IfA implements in Bornheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) and Derenburg (Sachsen-Anhalt) area specific revaluations. The IfA also presents from 04/17/2015 until 10/18/15 the “Eh da”-areas at the “Landesgartenschau Landau” in cooporation with the “Gartenakademie RLP”.
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Implementation of Measures
Semi-Field Trials
The co-called "Eh da-Project" was started in the year 2012 by "Initiative Innovation & Naturhaushalt" of the "Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft" and is based on nationwide potential studies of IfA an RIFCON.
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