Automatisierte Landschaftselemente Klassifikation (=Automated classification of landscape features)
Automatization of administrative processes in agriculture and environment.
Summary: IfA has developed and fully implemented a comprehensive, automatised mapping and context adapted classification of three dimensional vegetation features on the basis of official geo-data in Rhineland palatinate. These data facilitate an efficient, cost-effective and objective fulfilment of EU reporting obligations.
The workflow delivers repeatable Resultat. It therefore allows for regular updates and monitoring and on top of this contributes to the implementation of e-governmental processes in the public administration. The main advantages are the reduction of costly manual work and the elimination of inconsistencies in the resulting product die to individual human decisions.
Main points
  • fast and state wide mapping and classification of three dimensional vegetation features
  • usage of standard official geo-data (no additional costs)
  • generation of uniform, standardized and objective information
  • generation of reproducible object boundaries
  • regular updates
Results of the 3D vegetation detection as cross compliance-landscape elements
Process chain for automated acquisition of 3D vegetation

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