The RLP AgroScience GmbH, to which the Institute for AgroEcology belongs, works on research topics, which are of public interest.

The tasks of the institute are basic and applied research and development in the area of agro-ecology. The aim of the institute is to ensure agricultural practice economically and ecologically and to provide its knowledge to companies, research organisations and interested persons. The institute supports especially the competitiveness of special-culture farming (viticulture, orchards, gardening and others) and processing firms. With its research work the institute supports the environmental protection and the nature conservation, especially in landscape areas with intensive agricultural production. With this, the production of high-value agricultural products shall be supported and the acceptance of new production techniques is supposed to be enhanced. The institute serves as a link between basic university research, economy, stakeholders and public organisations and contributes to the knowledge transfer between all these groups. For this purpose the collaboration between the RLP AgroScience and the universities in Rhineland-Palatinate shall be ensured. Furthermore also the cooperation with other national and international research organisations shall be intensified.

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